Gloria Dei

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Gloria Dei


ADR = "General German News Rose examination"

The ADR predicate stands for good resistance to pests, particular hardiness, bloom, fragrance and good habit. Roses with the ADR predicate were tested over several years for these characteristics.


Smell the roses:

   = no fragrance

   = less fragrance

   = light fragrance

   = medium fragrance

   = strong fragrance

Category:  Stem 90 - 110 cm
Rose grower:  Meilland
Breeding year:  1945
Blossom color:  light yellow red border
Smell the roses:    
Flowering variety:  repeat flowering
Time of flowering:   June to October
Blossom filling:  filled
Blossom size:  10 - 12 cm
Special features:  

Mildew is a collective term for various fungi caused by plant diseases usually caused by a white coating (fungus grass) leaf surfaces occur in appearance.

The leaves show first round, blackish-brown spots, which are often spread out in a star shape. The affected leaves turn yellow and eventually fall off. The disease is caused by overwintering in the soil fungal spores that are injected often by impinging casting or rainwater on the Rose, where they spread more or less depending on the sensitivity of the variety strong

   = strong susceptibility

   = medium susceptibility

   = normal susceptibility

   = slight susceptibility

   = no susceptibility


   = protect from freezing

   = Recommended protected site

   = Hardiness

   = good winter hardiness

   = very hardy

The strong growth of our roses will also take place in the ground. Vigorous plants have strong roots. Our roses are therefore potted at least in a 5 liter container. We give the Rose enough space to develop   and enough soil (Subtrat) for nutrients and moisture.

The container sizes given here are recommended minimum values. Very many of our plants can also be found in further plants   larger container sizes. Whether 20 liters, 35, 90 or climbing roses in 160 liter containers - everything is possible.

Growth habit:  tight upright  
Foliage:  shiny, robust, healthy   Health of the foliage: 
Height:  70 - 100 cm      Mildew:   
Growth Width:  50 - 60 cm      Sternrußtau:   
Soil:  profound garden floor   Hardiness:    
Roses per sq.m.:  4 to 5   Sale container  
Location:  Sun     size in Liter:  8.00
Utilization:  Cut rose, florose, bucket
Edelroses / Tea hybrids

They are the finest of the roses. Through the noble single flower she will always be the unique lady among the roses.

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